The Importance of Dispenser Security

 The Importance of Dispenser Security

As a gas station owner, it probably goes without saying that your fuel dispensers are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment you have. It is responsible for not only dispensing fuel to your customers, but also keeping track of the quantity of fuel dispensed, and thus your overall fuel sales. However, what you might not be aware of is that the security of fuel dispensers nationwide, but especially in Texas is being compromised!

With cases of fuel theft on the rise at present, for gas station owners, the security of their fuel dispensers is becoming more of a challenge. It seems criminals are constantly finding new ways to beat security measures in order to steal fuel.

Increased Reports of Fuel Thefts

Here at PumpTex, we have been receiving a growing number of calls from gas station owners reporting fuel theft. This criminal activity has been noticed in various states across the United States and is affecting various pump brands and multiple different fuel dispensers. The criminals have found a way to access the fuel dispensers electronically, to dispense gas for free, leaving the gas station vulnerable to large-scale fuel thefts. Cargo vans and large pickup trucks that can transport a large quantity of fuel are the types of vehicles mainly involved in fuel theft caused due to security breaches of the fuel dispenser.

Compromising the security of the fuel dispenser could mean the loss of hundreds and thousands of dollars for any gas station. This ultimately impacts the bottom line of the company and results in losses. If you are a gas station owner, it is important to make your employees aware that they should be vigilant of any suspicious vehicles, especially pick-up trucks, lingering near the dispensers. They should also check the POS system for fueling positions that are offline as this can indicate the dispenser has been breached.

PumpTex Recommends Security Inspections

Fuel stations that are not open 24 hours are at more risk from the compromise of dispenser security. In such cases, PumpTex is advising gas station owners to get into the habit of turning off the breakers to the Submerged Turbine Pumps at closing time. This practice ensures that no fuel can be dispensed when the station is closed.

Another important step in keeping your fuel dispensers safe from fraudsters is to get them inspected at the earliest opportunity. PumpTex is now offering services to our clients. You can reach out to us and our expert technicians will visit and check. Our professional and adept technicians carry out a site survey and ensure that your fuel dispensers are running securely without any hassles. They also make recommendations based on your individual equipment.

If you have any questions or queries about the dispenser security, PumpTex is just a call away. Dispenser security is vital for the ongoing success of your business.

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