Exploring Verifone In-Store POS Solutions

Exploring Verifone In-Store POS Solutions

Did you run out and check off an entire list of errands this past week? It’s possible you even kept a detailed checklist on your phone to ensure you didn’t let a to-do fall off into oblivion (only to find out you forgot to bring the bread for dinner at your mom’s). While frantically shuffling from one place to the next, you have probably come across a Verifone POS setup. At PumpTex, we don’t just handle fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas; we can also help with POS installation and maintenance. We work closely with Verifone to install POS systems and add value to our customers’ storefront services.

What is A Verifone POS In-Store Solution?

At PumpTex, in addition to fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, we also install POS solutions in our customers’ stores. But what are they? They’re a point-of-sale system that vendors, such as convenience stores use to help customers complete their purchases. Buying that pack of gum and $20 in gas is a simple process when the Verifone products are used. They not only process purchases but also monitor inventory.

Verifone Benefits

Though you may think POS systems are pretty standard in any retail environment, thinking about the various benefits solidifies why it’s advantageous to implement a Verifone POS solution. Some benefits include:

  • Track and monitor inventory - Drop the paper and pencil or trash that Excel file. Inventory can be managed directly within the POS system, keeping you from stressing over counting how many candy bars are sitting in front of your counter. Since inventory is integrated, you won’t have counting errors when determining how much stock you have left.
  • Improved customer relationships - As a gas station owner, you probably think that if a customer is happy, so are you. Using a POS system keeps the transaction running smoothly, and your patron can quickly run in, grab a quick snack while pumping gas, and scuttle out with a simple purchase. The POS system also allows you to get a grasp on your customers for better marketing with your business.
  • Staff management - Incorporating a POS workstation mutually benefits you and your staff. It’s easy to use and intuitive. Your employees will enjoy a user-friendly interface. It also allows you to track staff performance.
  • Reporting - Once you review the Verifone system options, you’ll see that reports are integrated into the solutions. You’ll be able to track your items, staff, etc., to keep a firm grasp on your business.

At PumpTex, while also offering fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, we can also review the benefits and features of some of the potential POS workstations that might be a good fit for your gas station.

Verifone Features

Since making purchases and pumping gas doesn’t always boast a one size fits all setup, Verifone offers several POS possibilities At PumpTex , as well as offering fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, we can also provide recommendations on the available POS models and discuss those features with you.

  • C18 – allows you to monitor fuel states, including authorization and dispensing. The C18 was designed to let the gas station owner take control over the functionality. The setup integrates with other system components and peripherals.
  • Ruby2 – An all-touch POS workstation that boasts customizable layouts on the screen. It’s a centralized device for easy and seamless use. Site information can be extracted through available reports.
  • RubyCi – This robust system supports up to 16 fueling positions as well as three indoor point-of-sale workstations. It’s designed to consume little space on the counter. That way, customers can quickly grab impulse items on the go. The ruby was built to be tough, and its LED screen is set up to easily and intuitively navigate.
  • Topaz – An advanced system with the ability to incorporate media solutions, site management software, and fuel management. Detailed site information can be obtained via the available reports within the Topaz product.

What PumpTex Can Do for You

You may find yourself scratching your head on the options and models you can choose to put in your stores. If you’re trying to figure out the differences and pros or cons of any particular product, give PumpTex a call. Our experts will work with you to navigate the options and possibilities, so you find the perfect fit. Regardless of which solution you think addresses your needs, at PumpTex, we don’t just offer fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas; we can also implement your new POS system.

In addition to offering reliable fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, we also install and service Verifone in-store POS solutions in our clients’ gas stations. With the ease of use, streamlined interfaces, and inventory/reporting controls, you’d have a powerful solution by implementing one in your business.

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